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Are you or is your child interested in learning German? Ausgezeichnet! (Excellent!)

German Language Schools Chicago Northern Suburbs and our team of dedicated teachers will make you feel at home. We offer affordable language instruction and an outstanding educational experience around German culture and language for children and adults of all ages to learn. Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students run from September through May in two Illinois Northwest suburbs locations (Palatine and Arlington Heights). Our students
American Association of Teachers of Our curriculum prepares our students for National High School Examinations made available by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). Every year our students excel in the AATG Levels 2, 3 and 4 tests.
New August 2021

DANK offers German classes for all levels, elementary, high school and adults including preschool. Some classes are multi-generational which makes the learning environment dynamic. The picture shows the recipients of the DSD1 Exam.

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NEW! School year 2021-22 Our classes are held on Monday evening and Saturday morning. In addition, we are offering selected ONLINE CLASSES on Wednesday evening.
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DSD1 GOLD examiner certificate

AATG exam

News Corner 2021

Highlights of the school year 2020-21 were numerous:

Despite the pandemic, we were able to look back to a successful school year of 2020-21. Even though most classes were held remotely, a few were in-person. The safety and hygiene protocol was closely followed by everyone which made the class atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, we had fewer special events. Our well attended annual “Laternenlaufen” took place outdoors to celebrate St. Martin’s Tag. The Christmas program, instead of meeting in the auditorium, was celebrated by video, made with contributions from our students. Fasching was also part of the annual festivity, however on a smaller scale and in a controlled environment.  Even though some restrictions had to be kept, everyone enjoy a good laugh.

For our testing program, students participated in the AATG exams remotely. In the spring, students took the A1 and A2 exam; and the older students participated in the DSD1/B1 exam. Our directors kept busy with their own exam as they successfully completed the DSDII certificate.

The annual Projekttag was cancelled, and in lieu, a lighter awards ceremony took place to celebrate the success of our students, especially the recipients of the DSD1 Sprachdiplom. Congratulations all the achievement; a big milestone in language learning indeed.

THANK YOU ALL for an healthy and safe school year!

We look forward to making new memories in the new school year 2021-22.


Zen­tral­stel­le für das Aus­lands­schul­we­sen (ZfA)