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Are you or is your child interested in learning German? Ausgezeichnet! (Excellent!)

German Language Schools Chicago Northern Suburbs and our team of dedicated teachers will make you feel at home. We offer affordable language instruction and an outstanding educational experience around German culture and language for children and adults of all ages to learn. Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students run from September through May in two Illinois Northwest suburbs locations (Palatine and Arlington Heights). Our students
American Association of Teachers of Our curriculum prepares our students for National High School Examinations made available by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). Every year our students excel in the AATG Levels 2, 3 and 4 tests.
New May 2017

Projekttag and Year-End Celebration was a busy morning with several projects done by our students, with various activities and awards.
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DANK welcomed das Prinzenpaar 2017, Seine Totalität Prinz Robert Ludwig I und Ihre Lieblichkeit Prinzessin Hildegard II and Schuhplattler Nathan. See Chicago Tribune.
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Financial support from the Federal Republic of Germany DANK received an AATG grant to make St. Martin’s Tag a special family and friends event that was celebrated outdoors.